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Dance Regions


The Poltava is the most p


The Aurora costume is unique to the Aurora Ukrainian Dancers. Designed by Daphne Dowbush, the costume captures the beauty of the Aurora Borealis and the cold winter snow


The Bukovynian dance includes a variety of foot stamps and quick foot work. Costumes are darker than others and show off the richness of the area. Blouses and shirts are heavily embroidered, Women's skirts are open at the front to reveal the embroidered slip. The ladies wear a distinctive headpiece that includes peacock feathers and many colourful beaded necklaces.




The Polissian costume is often Red, White and Beige. The steps of the Pollisia are bouncy with a lot of knee movement


This course will guide students through the foundations of the subject and beyond. Students apply their newly developed skills within a learning environment that is challenging and demands their active participation. The result is a group of inspired and proficient individuals with a drive for learning and a motivation to succeed.

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